Is Clarity Coaching for me?

gretchen maurer

Transitioning to the next level or seeking a clearer, more passionate version of you… is a gift you give yourself and the world around you.

Whether it is needing Clarity on your life’s Calling or creating a new company, Clarity through the journey saves time, money and frustration.

Think of Clarity Coaching as having a second brain that asks questions you have not thought of.

Entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs naturally hold to a set of high standards and are passionate, driven, human beings. A clarity coaching relationship helps define priorities, asks clarifying questions and navigates through buried treasure. You posses everything you need to succeed!

For every sojourner there are bumps, wrong turns, and doubts. The potential of collapsing back to comfort is a reality you need not face alone!

This is where I come in.

Yes, I am a baby boomer and I am also a life-long entrepreneur! From childhood to today I love the pursuit of creating purpose, selling and winning.

A little history:

My Dad was a computer programmer, (so that means in the 60’s)…this made us an early tech family when PC’s came about. He also worked for the phone company so yea…I had one of these:90'scellphone


I was a hairdresser. In 1989, I was 29 with my own salon, a staff of six, a husband, a house and two kids 3 & 5.

In 1995, I landed a book proposal to write a business book for the salon industry:

The Business of Bridal Beauty

It was very exciting being in magazines, performing at hair shows, on TV, writing, getting published…

Sara-1 (2)

…then I blew out my ACL!

So I took hairdressing to the web! In 1998 I had a very popular e-commerce website that sold step by step bridal hairstyles to thousands of brides world wide. I ran this for 12 years…Brides Magazine named it “best beauty website” in 2002…there weren’t many

Book your 45 minute Exploratory Clarity Session by clicking here:


Fast Forward:

In 2005, my husband and I left our careers, sold our home and went to serve in ministry at a residential recovery facility. We did this at two locations for 9 years.

It was during these years we truly witnessed and experienced the power in human potential!

Despite the worst of the worst stories, prison, abuse, addiction….there is hope where there is clarity of vision and purpose!

Now, we own a mental health practice in CT and have a thriving counseling and coaching business.

 Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thoughts we used to create them.”

so…Clarity Coaching

Today more than any time in our history there are more options than you could ever experience. It’s head spinning!!!

In his book, High Performance Habits: Brendon Burchard says…..

Gaining Clarity is the #1 habit 


I would be honored to help you get clear! Allow me to ask you a few questions.

I promise that you will experience kindness, a new sense of direction and gain clarity!

I will not put you in a funnel or send a bunch of automated emails!

We will talk like real people, but not on a flip phone…lol

Book your 45 minute Exploratory Clarity Session by clicking here:

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2 thoughts on “Is Clarity Coaching for me?”

  1. Hey stranger 😉😁
    I would love to figure out what I can do to find my own hobby/business as i stay home with my kids. 4,3 and almost 1 year old.
    Ia2n looking my mind with this repetition of cleaning, dishes, poopy diapers, ECT.


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