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Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thoughts we used to create them.”

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”


Transitioning to the next thing or a better version of you is worth the investment and the journey!

Think about it. Why do you buy the next new phone? It has better and more relevant features. It is always improving. On our personal journeys we need to do likewise.

Transformation is not learning, it is becoming. It also is accompanied by great excitement and the potential of collapsing back to comfort.  This is where hiring a coach comes in.

Yes, I am a baby boomer but I am also a life-long entrepreneur. My mom caught me many times rummaging through the house, taking things stuffed in the back of the closets, and selling them on the street. As a teen, I would get in my row boat, go out into the long island sound, snag bait fish and then sell – fish to fisherman.

I had a very popular e-commerce website in 1998 and for a decade. I sold hairstyles, yes that’s right…step by step bridal hairstyles to thousand of brides all around the world. Brides Magazine called my site the best beauty website in 2002. This is before Facebook and YouTube.

My Dad, back in the 1970’s was a computer programmer and he would bring me home bags of computer punch card confetti. image006

At the football games, when all the was confetti gone, I spent the rest of the game walking under the bleachers looking for lost items. I found money, a gold ring….so yea, I’m not “normal”.

Finding, accepting and living from your way of being… is a gift unto yourself as well as others.

I am an outside of the box thinker, a dreamer, and as your Coach will be totally in your corner!


“Almost without exception, people don’t notice that all they are aware of… is how situations occur to them.”

-The Three Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffon & Dave Logan


Our view and vision of all that is around us is tainted. It is skewed. We must come out from our assessments, our judgments in order to see a new path or the one we are on with a new attitude.

There is a reason for the saying “Hindsight is 20/20. We get great clarity when we look back and learn from our mistakes. But that was my generation; it is not yours!!

Today more than any time in our history you have more options than you could ever experience. And if you are a fellow boomer, less time.

So, if you have read a slew of self-help books, downloaded every time management app there is, and have zapiered your way into total confusion. Take me up on a 45 minute free Clarity call.

Within just five questions I promise that you will experience kindness, a sense of direction and gain clarity! What have you got to lose?

Free 45 minute Clarity Call.  I am hear for you.



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