Hello there!


I’m a passionate entrepreneur.

I don’t relax very well and I love learning.

I’ve been married for 37 years, have two independent, strong daughters.

I’m blessed you are visiting me!

My two paths converged in a weird way that has led to where I am today. I worked in the beauty and bridal field, then in the trauma and addictions recovery world….

Here’s what I learned:

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Welcome to my site. I hope to inspire and encourage you to reach for your very best!

Do you know that everything you have experienced; has formed your unique voice?

Life, events and relationships filter through your unique perceptions, which then influence your actions, choices and reactions. This is your “code”.

Code can be rewritten!

Emotional Intelligence is making room for change, personal growth, being forgiven & forgiving others. A deep look at our way of “showing up” is reflected in our relationships.

How are your relationships?

Some things I am working on:

  • Unleash Your Niche– This is my Facebook page, I am developing the course now! This course is to help anyone find out why they are here and how they can impact the world with their niche!

Fritz & Gretchen


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