Decisions Check list!

What feelings do you want your wedding guests to experience?

Circle your top 3

Joy?         Happy?                Impressed?              Proud of you both?

Supportive?            Surprised?               Curious?                 Relaxed?

Laid back?        Wild fun?         Entertained?         Drunk and stuffed?

What is important to you both?

Circle your top 3

Great Food?       Flowers/Décor?       Pretty Music?        Great Band?

Get everyone dancing?            Atmosphere?           To have Fun?

Memorable Photos?         Personal Vows?            other? __________

Is your anxiety rooted in your own worry about decisions or does it feel like outside pressures from others?

Discuss this with your partner, make sure to qualify each others feelings and not to dismiss or discount them. They are real to you and you BOTH are allowed to have your own……..this is just the beginning of understanding and accepting each other at a deeper committed level.

Are there some areas or stages of the planning that you can let go of or delegate?    

What might they be….?   Again, deep breath…let emotions go and engage your thinking mind.

Stress chemicals in the gut trigger the brain into fight or flight reactions. The brain chemicals released by the stress blocks the frontal lobe from thinking rationally and creatively. No really….my husband is a counselor.  :0

Relaxed thinking unleashes creative solutions which unleashes new options, open communication and more choices.

Here are some suggestions of things you might consider letting go of:

The guest list  – The transportation –  Specific flowers  –  Seating arrangement

The Band  – Bridesmaid perfectionism –   Honeymoon planning –   All the food choices –

Favors   –  What people will think –  Who does not come –  Who might drink too much –

If decisions are becoming stressful DELEGATE.

If you must have your pulse on everything, keep your expectations flexible. Be super organized and YOU CAN do it!

Click here for a PDF of this check list decisions-check-list

Here is my video if you missed it :

My book The Morning of Your Wedding  is information NOT found anywhere else! 

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