Engaged? Now what?

The Morning Of Your Wedding

ENGAGED??!!?? Super excited for you!

Believe it or not I have been on location at 100’s of weddings!!

As the wedding beauty vendor, I was always the first person on the scene – the wedding morning.

I quickly found out that most brides were unprepared for all that happens in those first hours. It’s not your fault!

…but I  don’t want that to happen to you!


Each location is different when considering your getting ready needs!

Here is a list of some of the places I have helped the bride get beautiful:

The brides childhood home, Her apartment, Her in-laws

Hotels, of all price points, Summer vacation homes, Resorts

Destination Weddings, B & B’s, Mansion’s, Hair Salons

Unique locations, A friends house, A church, Her house

Their hotel room (groom present), Wedding/Venue combo

Here are a few things to think on right away:

Depending on the ceremony time, how many girls you choose and if they are all getting services… then how far to the service location….or to the wedding location….how many photos you want before the wedding…the day might start at 6 am!!


  1. What kind of day to I envision?
  2. What level of stress can I handle?
  3. Do I want to get dressed with chaos or  calm?
  4. Do I want a room full of friends, flower-girls and cousins and aunts and moms?
  5. …plus a photographer, the florist delivering the bouquets, the cleaning lady ALWAYS knocks…and someone is always shy and hogs the bathroom to dress…etc.

I have seen this and more…

…but my book covers it all…smoothly….explaining a thousand things you have not thought of and no other wedding material details.

These are the hours before the wedding planner is on scene. Even if she has been wonderful and kind and helpful; come the wedding morning??…she is not there for you; she is on scene for her staff and vendors.

For the D.I.Y. bride, my book, The Morning Of Your Wedding will be so helpful for you. I suggest it be your first investment. The e-book  is under $4 !

Every wedding morning location is unique with it’s own set of challenges and yes,


…a wedding held in Brooklyn, NY at the famous Cyclone roller coaster was a blast!

My book goes into detail how each location may affect your wedding morning and what to be prepared for.

Sooo..YEA!!!..I just had to write this book! I want the best for you and your investment in your day.

Not an e-book fan?


Yes, this is a real in your hands book with a 5 star rating! Get your copy today.


Congratulations on your engagement!


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