Kids in the wedding party? 6 reasons to say Yes !


Not everyone wants kids in the wedding party but if you think you do these 6 reasons will seal the deal.

  1. You love children! You love their spontaneity and if they do something silly you think it will just add more charm and laughs to your day. You, as the bride are easy going and laid back.
  1. You are getting married early in the day. Kids are better when it is not too late in the day. This way Mom and Dad will not have to leave the party early to get their cranky angels off to bed. If the wedding is later in the day the kids may disappear for a while to get a nap. This may cut into some of the photo ops but you will be glad that they get their rest come “performance’ time. If their mom is also in the wedding party she may have to be with them and miss some photos too. You might consider hiring someone to help with nap time or whisk the kids away for the night so Mom and Dad can enjoy their adult time in celebrating your day.
  1. The children are local and can sleep in their own bed the night before. I had a bride who was having a male friend’s daughter in the wedding. However, the child’s parents were divorced so the mother was not in attendance at the wedding. The little girl couldn’t hang out with Daddy and the grooms’ men, so the bride had her sleep at her house the night before. The bride arrived late and stress to the salon the morning of because SHE had to give the child a morning bath! Not Good! Think through all the parts connected to having kids in the wedding before your vision of a cute flower girl turns into unnecessary drama and stress. Travel, hotel stays and schedule changes can wreak havoc with the best of kids.
  1. They are your own children or soon to be blended family. By all means; they should be a part of this special event. By being included and involved they will feel more secure about their significance and place in your new life. The younger kids seem to do better than the teens may. One tip: If the girl is a bit too old for a flower girl, call her a junior bridesmaid.  One family had a hard time getting one of their teenage sons to “be” in the wedding party. The middle ground was, he wore the tux for photos but did not stand in the wedding party up front. It is ok to give a little to get a little. These new changes can be hard for some of the kids based on their personality and process.


  1. You don’t care how their hair looks. Requesting a specific hairstyle for the flower girl can get tricky. Not every child’s hair will hold a curl, nor will they sit long enough to get it done. I had three little sisters that were all in the wedding. Three little girls running around in a non-child proof small apartment stressed everyone out! The bride wanted them all to have French braids and the youngest child was only three. She kept pushing my hand out of the way; as I would braid a section of hair she would rip it out. Oh well! So, be open to what “they” will allow to occur.
  1. You know they are “good” children. Some kids are born to be in weddings. Wedding Planner, Lois Pearce, say’s “One of the key things to think about when considering children in the wedding party is their maturity level. Does the child behave well (within reason) around adults? Are they able to understand directions? Just because they are cute, is not the criteria for them to upstage the bride on her wedding day.” Whether they love the attention or they are easy going, you and their parents need to feel confident they will be able to do their job.

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