Kids in your wedding party? 6 reasons to say NO!


Yes, they are cute, and your sister wants photos of her kid all dressed up.

and…your cousin wants to be “in” with all the excitement….and her kid is the ticket.

No way or not sure?

Here are 6 reasons to help you say NO.

  1. You really don’t want kids in attendance and that’s perfectly fine. Just because there are children the perfect age in your extended family that fit the role, don’t feel obligated to add them to the wedding party. Let the parents know up front that you have chosen not to add children to the wedding party. If you have someone pressuring you to add their children to the lineup, forward them this article.
  1. You want your day to go perfectly as planned. This is fine also. You spent enough time and money planning every detail and you would not appreciate uncalculated antics. One ring bearer’s pillow had a music box inside. It didn’t take long for him to find the wind-up key in the back, then he began tossing it up in the air and catching it during the vows.
  1. You are getting married in the evening. Not a good idea to add kids to this mixture. They may not get a proper nap and others in attendance may resent the kids being around drinking adults.
  1. The kids must travel into town. If the stay is at a familiar and welcome home, then there is a better chance for a restful night. But a strange bed and changes to their routine is more than some children can handle. Sometimes the mom wants it more than the child does. You make the call it is your day.
  1. When there are just too many kids to choose from and someone might get offended. I’m sure you have seen it. Two flower girls, two ring bearers, and a groom’s man stuck with the twelve-year-old junior bridesmaid. If you really don’t want them, skip the kids all together.
  1. When you really don’t know the parents well. The kids should mean more to the bride and groom than just cute props. Don’t ask a friend’s child to be in the wedding or even a long distant relative just because he or she is cute and the right age. It takes a lot of preparation, patience, prodding, and expense to make the day go relatively smoothly.

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