Get the Wedding photos you want!

You have one shot to get this right.

Whether you are hiring a pro or shooting DIY with relatives & friends, it pays to know the terms and your style for your wedding photos.

gretchen-maurer Question? You know that great feeling you get just looking at wedding photos you’d love for your wedding? Can you clearly describe why you like the ones you do? Can you clearly describe what you want? Hopefully, I can help you sort this out.

Weddings elicit so much emotion, feelings, drama and hopes. HOW do you put words to this!

As a hair & makeup artist, I have been to hundreds of weddings! As a co-owner of a Mental Health practice, I work with my husband doing pre-marital counseling and coaching. I have been on-set at many magazine shoots, behind the camera and listened to hundreds of brides describe their dream wedding.


Do not leave any decisions for your wedding day! Your pre-frontal cortex, you know… the part of your brain that is rational? It is not working at optimal levels due to the stress running through your body on your wedding day. (The main reason bridezillas blow).

Even the calmest of brides trying to hold it together can’t handle decisions on the wedding day. So….

  • Communicate clearly and with pictures
  • Communicate early and in writing
  • Communicate with others who can be a resource for your day.

My #1 Tip: Make a pinterest page of just wedding photo ideas you like. Nothing else is to go on this pin page that will cloud your purpose. You will begin to see your style emerge and get really clear about what is important to you. Ask your intended to pick some as well and see how you two stack up. 

Case in point, I like the couple on the right, my husband of (37 years) picked the left. I knew he would…..I’m an artist-he’s more formal. Opposites attract for a very good reason, but wedding advice is for another time.

The best tips to get the photos...


Here is the breakdown of wedding photo styles: Most brides may want more than one style.


Alright everyone, look this way…This style is posed and directed by the photographer. Be sure to let everyone know there are going to be formal shots requiring everyone! Be prepared for moans and growns…and lost relatives.

Tip #2: Put one of the bridesmaids in charge of gathering up the crowd, someone with a loud voice! These take time.   ( Hey, notice the girl to the right of the bride. She is posing correctly. Her knee is bent just so, her flowers are perfectly placed and her chin is tipped…) F.Y.I. just incase that matters to you.




Creative places, cool backgrounds…

Tip #3: Planning ahead is a must. Think outside the box!



Photo credit:

It’s who you guys are, expressive, personal and important to you both.

Tip #4: Push yourself, you guys are worth the extra effort these images require!


fast wedding food photojournalism

Photo credit:

This style tells a story, you almost forget they are shooting. Of course you can pick those you find amusing or not.

Tip #5: Let loose and relax with this style. Some of the best wedding shots are captured when the people don’t even know the photographer is there.

Fine Art


Photo credit: 

Posed with drama and impact in mind, staged, a step up from artistic…

Tip #6: Lighting is what makes this style so beautiful, so unless you understand lighting they may not be worth your time to DIY this style. Balance, filling the frame correctly etc.


DIY no-no

Fashion shots can be beautiful or fail. They can be of just the two of you, or you all alone in your very own “magazine” shoot. These are not easy to pull off unless you are super confident in front of the camera. Modeling is a skill, posing the body is a skill. However, with an experienced photographer they can be a lot of fun!

I recommend these be done before the wedding so you can relax and have fun. Plan it for the day you have your hairstyle trial and your gown all ready to go. Or, do them after the wedding, have fun and don’t worry about your gown…it’s over!

Tip #7: Try to negotiate this into the package you choose and get it in writing.

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Gretchen Maurer

Author of: The Morning of Your Wedding & The Business of Bridal Beauty

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