4 Reasons a Vanity Improves your Life!

My vanity YouTube video


#1  Having a vanity will improve your self-esteem! 

As an Image Coach & owning a mental health practice I have seen clients with low self-worth. As a hairdresser, I saw the enhancing power of an new look.

It is not vanity to care about yourself, it is self-care.

Something as simple as setting up a place to do your hair, nails, and make-up, no matter how much you wear, will improve your self-esteem. This act of love will spill over into other areas of your life.

#2  Your bathroom will stay cleaner longer.

Everyone sheds around 100 hairs a day! Blow-drying spreads them all over the room. Make-up is dusty, messy and slippery in those plastic containers, falling and breaking!

#3  You won’t waste money buying stuff you simply can’t find. 

Most bathroom closets/cabinets are deep and useless unless you are very organized. Save the storage for linens, towels, TP, feminine products, and cleaning supplies.

Put your make-up, hot tools, blow-dryer, perfume, hair products and accessories in your vanity!

#4  This change in your morning routine may lead to other self-care changes.

You will take more care and do a better job on your make-up because it will be easier and feel more important. Frustration levels will disappear! Your new valued self-esteem will make you more productive, positive and professional!



OK, I spent 30 years in the bridal and beauty industry so I know a little sompthin’ sompthin’ about getting ready!

Whether I was preparing a model for a magazine shoot, or a helping a bride usher in her most important day…..feeling beautiful matters…

and it does not need a special occasion!

A vanity is a Win! Win! Win!

Scroll down for 6 images from our Pinterest community!


Make it pretty and inviting with a stool and cute rugimage source


Try this simple desk idea and go double duty! One draw office, one vanity! Tuck under some rolling storage, or add shelves above! image source

Add a tri fold mirror! Or a standing lighted mirror!




Can it get any simpler than this? Great natural lighting for day, or use a standing lighted mirrorimage source



Be creative and consider a unique item like this roll top desk to make into a vanity! image source



What does the airline stewardess say? Put your oxygen bag on yourself first then help others.

Taking the time to set up a vanity and feel at your best will shine onto others around you. image source

Even a small parson table is a perfect choice!


image source

Does my vanity have to be in the bedroom?

Think outside the box on it’s location!

  1. Where will it make the most sense? If you have a small apartment it might be in the living room!
  2. It could double as a desk, one side business, one side beauty.
  3. It could replace a night stand.
  4. It could be at the end of a hall way.
  5. It could be right by your front door. Drop zone at the end of the day, vanity in the morning.
  6. Do you not cook much? Use your counter or kitchen table. Store your items in a rolling cart or basket. (Maybe keep the blow drying to the bathroom)…

Do you have a spare room that is cluttered?

gretchen maurer

As an Image &  lifestyle Coach, I can help you get organized in no time! Get in touch below for a free 30 minute “get to know you” conversation. I’d love to hear your story. Let’s get you beautiful, organized and productive!


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