How to Build an Eclectic Gallery Wall!

Are you a right-brained lovers of all things bright, beautiful, and fun?

Eclectic is not simply miss matched items but a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors thoughtfully put together.

Here’s how to start considering an Eclectic Signature Gallery Wall:

#1 Know who you are.

On the ECLECTIC scale of 1 to 5…

How much eclectic is right for you?

This is a 1, a quiet mix of styles, shapes and subjects.


This is a 5, an adorable hair salon with fun colors, lots of personality and a retro signature style.


…where do you fall?

#2 Find Inspiration

A well curated signature gallery wall requires inspiration. It is not done with one trip to Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. I get it.

When you want a gallery wall and you really don’t know where to start, this gets it done. But, over time the wall has little meaning, no signature and may just be too trendy.

I believe you do have inspiration all around you. It may be a color story, one painting you love or a pretty pillow that can set you in a direction. Learn more

#3 Which wall and why?

What room? How do you want to feel looking at it? Will there be a function to the Gallery Wall, maybe a coat rack surrounded by art? Maybe a coffee station or bar with shelves, and art?

My bedroom Signature Gallery Wall is a color story, a tribute to the women in my life, and functioning wall with jewelry storage.



SGW article instagram image (1)

I have developed a system for creating a Signature Gallery Wall that is right for you!

With thought provoking exercises, teaching videos, and my 12 point system you will discover the designer hidden with-in you! Go at your own pace, its a lot of fun!

Click here to view the course outline, experience two sample chapters and a video to help you decide if this is right for you.

Scroll down for 3 more Eclectic Gallery Walls and tips!


Look close at the wall below.

See how the art is picking up on the theme of leaves and flowers in the wall paper?   Look at the mattes, they pick up on the colors in the wall paper.

How many pops of yellow do you see?

In my course you will learn how to “see” into design. You will be able to curate your own personal Signature Gallery Wall that wows!

I hope to see you on-line in the course!



By Gretchen Maurer



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