How to Design a Themed Gallery Wall!

I remember going into a home, only to be taken by surprise!

In every room was a shelf going around the whole perimeter of every wall. Everywhere I looked, collections of the Wizard of Oz, Elvis and howling wolfs greeted me. Velvet paintings, plates, spoons and figurines were everywhere.

So, when I hear the term “themed” anything…this is the image that pops into my mind.

Even while I was writing my on-line course, How to Create a Signature Gallery Wall, I was going to avoid any inclusion of themed gallery walls.

That is, until Pinterest.

Now, I am a believer of Themed Gallery Walls and want to share my top picks with you!

Allow me to take you through a couple of steps and lots of inspiration on how to design a Chic Themed Gallery Wall!

We will see walls designed around shapes, theme, materials, unique hanging ideas, collections and subjects. 

#1 Find Inspiration

A well curated themed gallery wall requires an inspiring theme. Inspiring to you and your Signature. It is not done with one trip to Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. It might get the job done but designing is more of a relationship and not a one night stand!

Designing is more of a relationship than a one night stand!

Look around. What are the subject matter of your books? What do you a have as a collection already? What do you like? Cooking? How about vintage cook book covers?

Fashion? Maps? Dogs? Purses? I believe you have inspiration all around you.

Travel Theme


How about framing vintage travel guides? I love the bright colors in this all white space.

Framing Maps is another way to say, “See the world”! Collecting maps can be based on a color story, bodies of water, or a continent.

theme 1

DIY TIP: Want to age a new map? Crumple them up, smooth them back out and sand with a fine sand paper, then stain them with shoe polish using a soft cloth! Frame…Voila!   

#2 Which wall and why?

What room? How do you want to feel looking at it? Will you tie the whole room into the theme or keep it minimal and chic?

My bedroom Gallery Wall is a color theme with greens and reds as well as a tribute to the women in my life.


SGW article instagram image (1)

I have developed a 12 point system for creating a Signature Gallery Wall that is right for you!

Thought provoking exercises || Teaching Videos || Images ||Shopping Trips

Discover the designer hidden with-in you! Go at your own pace, its a lot of fun!

Click here to view the course outline, experience two sample chapters and a video to help you decide if this is right for you. The free trail may still be running….

Scroll down for more Theme Gallery Walls and Tips!

Shapes and Materials

This gallery wall theme is based on shapes and material namely ceramics. One of the tiles even says, “things I like”.

Loving your environment, surrounding yourself with personally meaningful items is a practice of daily gratitude. This home owners heart is set to joy.


The shapes below are secondary to the materials and the colors in this theme. The chic minimal display of these baskets is quiet stunning while adding needed warmth to the cement colored walls and floor.

Love the hot pink wall!

More below…


Yes, this is a shabby chic arraignment of vintage metals trays…



….close your eyes and picture these on a dark navy wall in a modern setting……ah, yes quite stunning they’d be there too!

Be open minded when seeking an idea for a themed gallery wall.

Too often we are quick to judge an image and turn the page. My course teaches you how to look “into” design not just see it. A whole new world of options opens up when we allow our mind room to do so.

Unique Arrangements

Anyone can hang plates on a wall, but to raise granny up to chic, this arrangement below makes a signature statement!


Another thing to consider is 3-D dimension when hanging themed items on the wall. This display of vintage tennis rackets is love all around. I say old boy!


Classic Collections-Similar Items

A gallery wall can be created with shelves. But keep them to one curated space, not wrapping around the entire room. Even a kitch salt and pepper collection would be chic on these uniform white shelves.


I always have a wall of mirrors. It might be from my years as a hairdresser working in front of one! These below are simply unique. If you peer into the big tortoise shell mirror you will see a collection of canes. Groupings keep collections tidy.


Theme Gallery Walls by Subject-

Apples and Fashion Models?!

Sometimes collections begin by accident. I happen to have 6 sunflower art pieces all randomly bought or given to me and they are all spread out on three different gallery walls. You’ll have to take my course to see my home 😉

What uniforms this collection below besides the obvious theme of apples is the gold colored mattes. These on a soft yellow wall plus the light colored frames makes this collect sing, not scream. You will learn about contrast, balance and white space in my course.


This collection of fashionable models truly speaks to the passions of it’s owner, maybe even her career. Look at the frames with gold mattes. See how they are spread out in a balanced way?

There are tips, designer tricks and so much more to learn in:

How to Create a Signature Gallery Wall that Wows!

Show me your finished walls! Maybe I will even feature your wall in one of my articles!


I hope to see you on-line in the course!

By Gretchen Maurer

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