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Content Creators: Stay relevant on FaceBook > 25 things to know!

Content Creators: 25 things you need to know to stay relevant on Facebook.

Page engagement is now the highest priority for Facebook.

Facebook is weeding out the news feed allowing room for highly engaging posts among friends and family.

Facebook does not want people just commenting with the post creator, they want engagement. Creators you will need to educate your followers.

Facebook is looking for high value content and engaging videos that encourage people to interact with one another. Think of your page acting more like a group.

Facebook will not spread random organic traffic as they have in the past.

Facebook is going to reward paid content over organic.

Do this:

If you only post things to public your reach will be limited, begin posting to friends and family too.

This is the time to hone your niche around interests and passions that will bring value to like minded friends.

Information that is relative to your “tribe” which elicits community engagement will be rewarded.

Creators engage yourself, comment, “like” other comments, encourage commenting between others. Ask for feedback, and respond.

Encourage your people to talk to one another inside the post. Tag people and offer help – “Hey Mary, check out Susan’s comment I think you two are onto something” and so forth…

Live video gets 6 times more interaction. Live videos will be valued over other content. Educate your audience to engage here too.

3 good posts will now outweigh 30 poor ones. It is about value for your people not just activity on your page.

Do not:

Do not post engagement bait. Do not use spam type posts that trick people into interacting with likes, shares, or comments.

No more “Like this if you’re a Taurus!” or “Put your name in and see what Gif comes up” or “chocolate or vanilla?” posts.

Non-engaging posts will hurt your algorithms.

Do not post images that just point to your blog, engage people.

Stop using scheduling software to schedule posts that point to your blog.

 In closing:

Create good things for the good people and be willing to go to the extra effort to bring value.

Treat others like you would want to be treated.

Be kind.

Value is worth paying for!


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