To veil or not to veil. Beauty tips to consider for your wedding hairstyle.

Gretchen MaurerDresser of Hairsm

You’re engaged!

The next thing many brides think about is growing out their hair.

But how should you wear it? Up or down? Romantic or chic? Traditional or trendy?

Do you want a veil? If so where will you attach it? On the top of your head? In the back?

Are you a hair bride or a veil bride?

Tweet: Are you a hair bride or a veil bride? Are you thinking of your hair more than your gown? Hair bride! Are you thinking of romantic wedding veil photos? Veil bride!

Hair brides:

Are you a hair bride? Is your Pinterest page full of wonderful photos of amazing hairstyles?  You might even want to consider your hairstyle before you pick out your gown! Show off that stunning braid with a low back!

Ornamentation is a beautiful way to accent your style. As a hair bride your total look and ambiance of your wedding should all flow as one.

Put together a growing-out plan with your stylist. One or two trial runs are a must especially if you or a friend are doing the style. Take lots of pictures!


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Veil brides:

I know I have a veil bride when she tells me she wants to keep the veil on at the reception. Choose the best one to complement and balance the gown. Veil brides tastes vary with the many options available.

You may want to consider removing the veil after your wedding photos are done. With each hug (and hundreds will be given) the veil will be yanked. It may get in the way of dancing and the netting caught on any beading. Ask your stylist how best to remove it.

Final tips:

Hair Bride

Don’t forget the craft shops and on-line stores, they have a variety of do-it-yourself pieces as well as complete headpieces to choose from. Save$$$

Consider hair ornaments that can be placed through out the style or braid. Click here for this chain design.


Veil Bride

  • Have fun trying on different veils.
  • Don’t be talked into the veil that “goes” with the gown.
  • After you have your gown discuss your hairstyle options with your stylist before you shop for your veil.
  • Book a hair trial first, then you will have a better idea how your headpiece and veil will work, then get a second trial with it just to be sure.


Get a copy of my decisions-check-list  to help sort out all aspects of your wedding! Do it with your partner!

Gretchen Maurer


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