Get the Wedding photos you want!

You have one shot to get this right. Whether you are hiring a pro or shooting DIY with relatives & friends, it pays to know the terms and your style for your wedding photos.  Question? You know that great feeling you get just looking at wedding photos you’d love for your wedding? Can you clearly… Continue reading Get the Wedding photos you want!


Girls with Curls are Fashion Brave !

  Girls with Curls ARE fashion brave. Our eyes become used to what we see. Movement, bounce, a mind of their own, curls are best embraced. Enjoy the images I found and celebrate your curls! Follow me! Here are some of my curly hairstyles. I have the step by step of all these styles! Coming… Continue reading Girls with Curls are Fashion Brave !


Decisions Check list!

  What feelings do you want your wedding guests to experience? Circle your top 3 Joy?         Happy?                Impressed?              Proud of you both? Supportive?            Surprised?               Curious?                 Relaxed? Laid back?        Wild fun?         Entertained?         Drunk and stuffed?   What is important to you both? Circle your top 3 Great Food?       Flowers/Décor?       Pretty Music?        Great Band? Get everyone dancing?           … Continue reading Decisions Check list!


Engaged? Now what?

The Morning Of Your Wedding ENGAGED??!!?? Super excited for you! Believe it or not I have been on location at 100's of weddings!! As the wedding beauty vendor, I was always the first person on the scene - the wedding morning. I quickly found out that most brides were unprepared for all that happens in those… Continue reading Engaged? Now what?


Kids in the wedding party? 6 reasons to say Yes !

Not everyone wants kids in the wedding party but if you think you do these 6 reasons will seal the deal. You love children! You love their spontaneity and if they do something silly you think it will just add more charm and laughs to your day. You, as the bride are easy going and… Continue reading Kids in the wedding party? 6 reasons to say Yes !


Kids in your wedding party? 6 reasons to say NO!

Yes, they are cute, and your sister wants photos...of her kid all dressed up. and…your cousin wants to be “in” with all the excitement....and her kid is the ticket. No way or not sure? Here are 6 reasons to help you say NO. You really don't want kids in attendance and that's perfectly fine. Just… Continue reading Kids in your wedding party? 6 reasons to say NO!

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The many sides of Assuming

The definition of assuming is the action of formulating or verbalizing an idea for which there is no evidence. People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for.  Quote from To Kill a Mocking Bird. Is assuming a problem for you? It was a big problem for me. It really set… Continue reading The many sides of Assuming