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How to Design a Themed Gallery Wall!


I remember going into a home, only to be taken by surprise!

In every room was a shelf going around the whole perimeter of every wall. Everywhere I looked, collections of the Wizard of Oz, Elvis and howling wolfs greeted me. Velvet paintings, plates, spoons and figurines were everywhere.

So, when I hear the term “themed” anything…this is the image that pops into my mind.

Even while I was writing my on-line course, How to Create a Signature Gallery Wall, I was going to avoid any inclusion of themed gallery walls.

That is, until Pinterest.

Now, I am a believer of Themed Gallery Walls and want to share my top picks with you!

Allow me to take you through a couple of steps and lots of inspiration on how to design a Chic Themed Gallery Wall!

We will see walls designed around shapes, theme, materials, unique hanging ideas, collections and subjects. 

#1 Find Inspiration

A well curated themed gallery wall requires an inspiring theme. Inspiring to you and your Signature. It is not done with one trip to Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. It might get the job done but designing is more of a relationship and not a one night stand!

Designing is more of a relationship than a one night stand!

Look around. What are the subject matter of your books? What do you a have as a collection already? What do you like? Cooking? How about vintage cook book covers?

Fashion? Maps? Dogs? Purses? I believe you have inspiration all around you.

Travel Theme


How about framing vintage travel guides? I love the bright colors in this all white space.

Framing Maps is another way to say, “See the world”! Collecting maps can be based on a color story, bodies of water, or a continent.

theme 1



DIY TIP: Want to age a new map? Crumple them up, smooth them back out and sand with a fine sand paper, then stain them with shoe polish using a soft cloth! Frame…Voila!   


#2 Which wall and why?

What room? How do you want to feel looking at it? Will you tie the whole room into the theme or keep it minimal and chic?

My bedroom Gallery Wall is a color theme with greens and reds as well as a tribute to the women in my life.



SGW article instagram image (1)

I have developed a 12 point system for creating a Signature Gallery Wall that is right for you!

Thought provoking exercises || Teaching Videos || Images ||Shopping Trips

Discover the designer hidden with-in you! Go at your own pace, its a lot of fun!

Click here to view the course outline, experience two sample chapters and a video to help you decide if this is right for you. The free trail may still be running….

Scroll down for more Theme Gallery Walls and Tips!


Shapes and Materials

This gallery wall theme is based on shapes and material namely ceramics. One of the tiles even says, “things I like”.

Loving your environment, surrounding yourself with personally meaningful items is a practice of daily gratitude. This home owners heart is set to joy.



The shapes below are secondary to the materials and the colors in this theme. The chic minimal display of these baskets is quiet stunning while adding needed warmth to the cement colored walls and floor.

Love the hot pink wall!

More below…


Yes, this is a shabby chic arraignment of vintage metals trays…



….close your eyes and picture these on a dark navy wall in a modern setting……ah, yes quite stunning they’d be there too!

Be open minded when seeking an idea for a themed gallery wall.

Too often we are quick to judge an image and turn the page. My course teaches you how to look “into” design not just see it. A whole new world of options opens up when we allow our mind room to do so.


Unique Arrangements

Anyone can hang plates on a wall, but to raise granny up to chic, this arrangement below makes a signature statement!


Another thing to consider is 3-D dimension when hanging themed items on the wall. This display of vintage tennis rackets is love all around. I say old boy!



Classic Collections-Similar Items

A gallery wall can be created with shelves. But keep them to one curated space, not wrapping around the entire room. Even a kitch salt and pepper collection would be chic on these uniform white shelves.


I always have a wall of mirrors. It might be from my years as a hairdresser working in front of one! These below are simply unique. If you peer into the big tortoise shell mirror you will see a collection of canes. Groupings keep collections tidy.



Theme Gallery Walls by Subject-

Apples and Fashion Models?!

Sometimes collections begin by accident. I happen to have 6 sunflower art pieces all randomly bought or given to me and they are all spread out on three different gallery walls. You’ll have to take my course to see my home 😉

What uniforms this collection below besides the obvious theme of apples is the gold colored mattes. These on a soft yellow wall plus the light colored frames makes this collect sing, not scream. You will learn about contrast, balance and white space in my course.


This collection of fashionable models truly speaks to the passions of it’s owner, maybe even her career. Look at the frames with gold mattes. See how they are spread out in a balanced way?

There are tips, designer tricks and so much more to learn in:

How to Create a Signature Gallery Wall that Wows!

Show me your finished walls! Maybe I will even feature your wall in one of my articles!


I hope to see you on-line in the course!

By Gretchen Maurer


Gallery Wall Course

How to Build an Eclectic Gallery Wall!

Are you a right-brained lovers of all things bright, beautiful, and fun?

Eclectic is not simply miss matched items but a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors thoughtfully put together.

Here’s how to start considering an Eclectic Signature Gallery Wall:

#1 Know who you are.

On the ECLECTIC scale of 1 to 5…

How much eclectic is right for you?

This is a 1, a quiet mix of styles, shapes and subjects.


This is a 5, an adorable hair salon with fun colors, lots of personality and a retro signature style.


…where do you fall?

#2 Find Inspiration

A well curated signature gallery wall requires inspiration. It is not done with one trip to Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. I get it.

When you want a gallery wall and you really don’t know where to start, this gets it done. But, over time the wall has little meaning, no signature and may just be too trendy.

I believe you do have inspiration all around you. It may be a color story, one painting you love or a pretty pillow that can set you in a direction. Learn more

#3 Which wall and why?

What room? How do you want to feel looking at it? Will there be a function to the Gallery Wall, maybe a coat rack surrounded by art? Maybe a coffee station or bar with shelves, and art?

My bedroom Signature Gallery Wall is a color story, a tribute to the women in my life, and functioning wall with jewelry storage.



SGW article instagram image (1)

I have developed a system for creating a Signature Gallery Wall that is right for you!

With thought provoking exercises, teaching videos, and my 12 point system you will discover the designer hidden with-in you! Go at your own pace, its a lot of fun!

Click here to view the course outline, experience two sample chapters and a video to help you decide if this is right for you.

Scroll down for 3 more Eclectic Gallery Walls and tips!


Look close at the wall below.

See how the art is picking up on the theme of leaves and flowers in the wall paper?   Look at the mattes, they pick up on the colors in the wall paper.

How many pops of yellow do you see?

In my course you will learn how to “see” into design. You will be able to curate your own personal Signature Gallery Wall that wows!

I hope to see you on-line in the course!



By Gretchen Maurer



Image & Life-style Coaching

4 Reasons a Vanity Improves your Life!

My vanity YouTube video


#1  Having a vanity will improve your self-esteem! 

As an Image Coach & owning a mental health practice I have seen clients with low self-worth. As a hairdresser, I saw the enhancing power of an new look.

It is not vanity to care about yourself, it is self-care.

Something as simple as setting up a place to do your hair, nails, and make-up, no matter how much you wear, will improve your self-esteem. This act of love will spill over into other areas of your life.

#2  Your bathroom will stay cleaner longer.

Everyone sheds around 100 hairs a day! Blow-drying spreads them all over the room. Make-up is dusty, messy and slippery in those plastic containers, falling and breaking!

#3  You won’t waste money buying stuff you simply can’t find. 

Most bathroom closets/cabinets are deep and useless unless you are very organized. Save the storage for linens, towels, TP, feminine products, and cleaning supplies.

Put your make-up, hot tools, blow-dryer, perfume, hair products and accessories in your vanity!

#4  This change in your morning routine may lead to other self-care changes.

You will take more care and do a better job on your make-up because it will be easier and feel more important. Frustration levels will disappear! Your new valued self-esteem will make you more productive, positive and professional!



OK, I spent 30 years in the bridal and beauty industry so I know a little sompthin’ sompthin’ about getting ready!

Whether I was preparing a model for a magazine shoot, or a helping a bride usher in her most important day…..feeling beautiful matters…

and it does not need a special occasion!

A vanity is a Win! Win! Win!

Scroll down for 6 images from our Pinterest community!


Make it pretty and inviting with a stool and cute rugimage source


Try this simple desk idea and go double duty! One draw office, one vanity! Tuck under some rolling storage, or add shelves above! image source

Add a tri fold mirror! Or a standing lighted mirror!




Can it get any simpler than this? Great natural lighting for day, or use a standing lighted mirrorimage source



Be creative and consider a unique item like this roll top desk to make into a vanity! image source



What does the airline stewardess say? Put your oxygen bag on yourself first then help others.

Taking the time to set up a vanity and feel at your best will shine onto others around you. image source

Even a small parson table is a perfect choice!


image source

Does my vanity have to be in the bedroom?

Think outside the box on it’s location!

  1. Where will it make the most sense? If you have a small apartment it might be in the living room!
  2. It could double as a desk, one side business, one side beauty.
  3. It could replace a night stand.
  4. It could be at the end of a hall way.
  5. It could be right by your front door. Drop zone at the end of the day, vanity in the morning.
  6. Do you not cook much? Use your counter or kitchen table. Store your items in a rolling cart or basket. (Maybe keep the blow drying to the bathroom)…

Do you have a spare room that is cluttered?

gretchen maurer

As an Image &  lifestyle Coach, I can help you get organized in no time! Get in touch below for a free 30 minute “get to know you” conversation. I’d love to hear your story. Let’s get you beautiful, organized and productive!


Gallery Wall Course

How to Create a Signature Gallery Wall that Wows! On-line Course

Learn actionable steps the pros know.

My videos, lessons, and exercises will help you gain confidence & get hanging!
Don’t copy, develop your Signature Style! 

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Get the Wedding photos you want!

You have one shot to get this right.

Whether you are hiring a pro or shooting DIY with relatives & friends, it pays to know the terms and your style for your wedding photos.

gretchen-maurer Question? You know that great feeling you get just looking at wedding photos you’d love for your wedding? Can you clearly describe why you like the ones you do? Can you clearly describe what you want? Hopefully, I can help you sort this out.

Weddings elicit so much emotion, feelings, drama and hopes. HOW do you put words to this!

As a hair & makeup artist, I have been to hundreds of weddings! As a co-owner of a Mental Health practice, I work with my husband doing pre-marital counseling and coaching. I have been on-set at many magazine shoots, behind the camera and listened to hundreds of brides describe their dream wedding.


Do not leave any decisions for your wedding day! Your pre-frontal cortex, you know… the part of your brain that is rational? It is not working at optimal levels due to the stress running through your body on your wedding day. (The main reason bridezillas blow).

Even the calmest of brides trying to hold it together can’t handle decisions on the wedding day. So….

  • Communicate clearly and with pictures
  • Communicate early and in writing
  • Communicate with others who can be a resource for your day.

My #1 Tip: Make a pinterest page of just wedding photo ideas you like. Nothing else is to go on this pin page that will cloud your purpose. You will begin to see your style emerge and get really clear about what is important to you. Ask your intended to pick some as well and see how you two stack up. 

Case in point, I like the couple on the right, my husband of (37 years) picked the left. I knew he would…..I’m an artist-he’s more formal. Opposites attract for a very good reason, but wedding advice is for another time.

The best tips to get the photos...


Here is the breakdown of wedding photo styles: Most brides may want more than one style.


Alright everyone, look this way…This style is posed and directed by the photographer. Be sure to let everyone know there are going to be formal shots requiring everyone! Be prepared for moans and growns…and lost relatives.

Tip #2: Put one of the bridesmaids in charge of gathering up the crowd, someone with a loud voice! These take time.   ( Hey, notice the girl to the right of the bride. She is posing correctly. Her knee is bent just so, her flowers are perfectly placed and her chin is tipped…) F.Y.I. just incase that matters to you.




Creative places, cool backgrounds…

Tip #3: Planning ahead is a must. Think outside the box!



Photo credit:

It’s who you guys are, expressive, personal and important to you both.

Tip #4: Push yourself, you guys are worth the extra effort these images require!


fast wedding food photojournalism

Photo credit:

This style tells a story, you almost forget they are shooting. Of course you can pick those you find amusing or not.

Tip #5: Let loose and relax with this style. Some of the best wedding shots are captured when the people don’t even know the photographer is there.

Fine Art


Photo credit: 

Posed with drama and impact in mind, staged, a step up from artistic…

Tip #6: Lighting is what makes this style so beautiful, so unless you understand lighting they may not be worth your time to DIY this style. Balance, filling the frame correctly etc.


DIY no-no

Fashion shots can be beautiful or fail. They can be of just the two of you, or you all alone in your very own “magazine” shoot. These are not easy to pull off unless you are super confident in front of the camera. Modeling is a skill, posing the body is a skill. However, with an experienced photographer they can be a lot of fun!

I recommend these be done before the wedding so you can relax and have fun. Plan it for the day you have your hairstyle trial and your gown all ready to go. Or, do them after the wedding, have fun and don’t worry about your gown…it’s over!

Tip #7: Try to negotiate this into the package you choose and get it in writing.

Please follow my blog!

Gretchen Maurer

Author of: The Morning of Your Wedding & The Business of Bridal Beauty


Girls with Curls are Fashion Brave !

fashion brave


Girls with Curls ARE fashion brave.

Girls with Curls are Fashion Brave

Our eyes become used to what we see. Movement, bounce, a mind of their own, curls are best embraced. Enjoy the images I found and celebrate your curls!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Follow me! Here are some of my curly hairstyles.

I have the step by step of all these styles! Coming soon!


Tweetable: Girls with curls are fashion brave!


Decisions Check list!

What feelings do you want your wedding guests to experience?

Circle your top 3

Joy?         Happy?                Impressed?              Proud of you both?

Supportive?            Surprised?               Curious?                 Relaxed?

Laid back?        Wild fun?         Entertained?         Drunk and stuffed?

What is important to you both?

Circle your top 3

Great Food?       Flowers/Décor?       Pretty Music?        Great Band?

Get everyone dancing?            Atmosphere?           To have Fun?

Memorable Photos?         Personal Vows?            other? __________

Is your anxiety rooted in your own worry about decisions or does it feel like outside pressures from others?

Discuss this with your partner, make sure to qualify each others feelings and not to dismiss or discount them. They are real to you and you BOTH are allowed to have your own……..this is just the beginning of understanding and accepting each other at a deeper committed level.

Are there some areas or stages of the planning that you can let go of or delegate?    

What might they be….?   Again, deep breath…let emotions go and engage your thinking mind.

Stress chemicals in the gut trigger the brain into fight or flight reactions. The brain chemicals released by the stress blocks the frontal lobe from thinking rationally and creatively. No really….my husband is a counselor.  :0

Relaxed thinking unleashes creative solutions which unleashes new options, open communication and more choices.

Here are some suggestions of things you might consider letting go of:

The guest list  – The transportation –  Specific flowers  –  Seating arrangement

The Band  – Bridesmaid perfectionism –   Honeymoon planning –   All the food choices –

Favors   –  What people will think –  Who does not come –  Who might drink too much –

If decisions are becoming stressful DELEGATE.

If you must have your pulse on everything, keep your expectations flexible. Be super organized and YOU CAN do it!

Click here for a PDF of this check list decisions-check-list

Here is my video if you missed it :

My book The Morning of Your Wedding  is information NOT found anywhere else!