Remote Decorating & Organizing Coach || Gretchen Maurer

What is remote Decorating & Organizing?

Through Zoom meetings, which are SUPER easy with your smart phone, we can communicate beautifully! I do all my coaching through Zoom.

Who is Gretchen Maurer? I am a Clarity Coach with ReGeneration Therapy Counseling & Coaching.

ALL my personal details are HERE if you really want to know about family and career…

Professionally, my background is in the beauty industry as a hair and make-up artist.


….whether on people, house flipping, decorating and or organizing THIS has been my passion for 30 years.


Have an extra bedroom and you want to design a craft room or office?

I can help you get clear on the layout, the best use of the space you have, and the step by steps to get you completed. Maybe a DIY desk?

Through a series of check lists, questions and vision casting, a plan of execution unfolds that you and I orchestrate specifically for you, your tastes, time line, and budget!

How about a refresh on your living room?

We can process through your dreams and goals. Take me shopping with your phone, or go with a Clarity list we develop! We can plan out the space so you don’t buy oversize furniture that crowds the room. I can help with paint colors, storage ideas and tips for thrift store shopping. Maybe you want to navigate on line shopping? We can also communicate through Pinterest <–this is a link to my page.

Most importantly you are in charge! 

Or… do you need to find space in your kitchen for more storage?

What can go? What needs to stay but can live in the garage? Maybe a drop zone dresser in the hall can hold out of season items or party supplies…Two brains are better than one.

Want a truly objective second opinion about a remodeling project before the hammers swing?

We have remodeled 7 homes. A check list of things to consider will be helpful before the work begins. Clarity on the final vision of the room will be important for a smooth process and hopefully prevent arguments with your contractor or husband!

(p.s. we are marriage counselors too!)


Or… turn a porch into an organized storage zone?

I helped one client think through where her laundry machines would go considering interior walls, plumbing, door openings, plus coat storage and a bench area. This was 30 minutes of Facebook Direct Messages and drawings on our phones!

De-Cluttering the garage with a vision of an extra party zone?

I find a project can seem huge and looming when it is not broken down into sizable, doable chunks. Also, putting aside time that is used for work and not wasted on confusion will get the project moving! This may just be a 30 minute talk and then a PDF Clarity check list to get you started!

Need bathroom space? Find space in your bathroom by moving out all of the hair & make-up items and create a vanity zone.


I also can help with art and accessory shopping!

Picking a color story

How to pull it all together!

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