Transformational Coaching

gretchen maurer


Tired of going it alone?

Do you have a ton of ideas, talent and no clear path?

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My experiences lay in three streams:

Image Development || Entrepreneurial Support || Mental Health Awareness

Image development

  • self-esteem
  • confidence developing
  • niche-discovery
  • transformation
  • corporate image
  • digital foot print
  • personal shopping
  • wardrobe consulting
  • organizing
  • head shots
  • make-up
  • personal branding

Image development support can help you gain confidence.

I believe you have everything you need within you. However, there may be self sabotaging scripts running on autopilot in the back ground of your mind, inner beliefs or mental blocks that “seem” real. They need to go-

Maybe everything else is working fine, but you want to make sure your look, your image and even your professional digital foot print matches your talents!

Together we will find your best you. Let’s script a new future.


 Entrepreneurial support

  • self-esteem
  • vision casting/conception
  • collapsing prevention
  • transformatiom
  • image
  • organizing/time management
  • niche-discovery
  • digital foot print
  • social media
  • web-site creation
  • on-line branding

Since I was a little girl I have been aware of a inner drive to create and sell. Nothing is more devastating then having a strong entrepreneurial spirit that is kept locked up.

Coaching is like having a new combination that will unlock you! Allow me to be a sounding board for your passions and dreams. I love the puzzle of a human being and honing it down like a fine sculpture. You are a masterpiece!

Step by step we will unravel the crazy web of ideas and create something beautiful!


Mental Health Awareness

  • addictions recovery
  • trauma recovery
  • relationship recovery
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • self-awareness
  • listening
  • journeling
  • self-esteem

I spent 9 years working in two residential treatment environments. We lived with the residents. I am also an abuse survivor. All of us in some form or another have had negative experiences in our lives. They do not have to hold us back but they do need awareness. Anxiety is something I live with. I have learned to recognize my triggers and they do not define me.

Anything that feels like it is holding you back is a lie.

Let’s talk-I would be honored to hear your story and your dreams. For a free 45 minute session contact me below.